Blushing Grapefruit & Raspberry Creme In Shower Moist 250ml


Product Description

Blushing Grapefruit & Raspberry Crème In-Shower Hydrating Herbal Body Moisturizer is enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil and blended with rich, smoothing extracts and conditioners to help restore smoothness, softness and hydration with every shower or bath. Used just like a daily body moisturizer in the shower or bath, this conditioning silky, smooth crème is enriched with Shea Butter, Cucumber Extract and Vitamins A, C and E to help condition, nourish and soothe skin. After rinsing, your skin is left feeling silky smooth, hydrated and feeling renewed.

• Ginger Root Extract enriched with natural anti-inflammatory properties to help stimulate and hydrate.
• Shea Butter provides heavy moisture and essential nutrients to skin helping to protect against free radial damage and daily elements.
• Cucumber Extract calms, conditions and soothes skin.

• Ginseng Extract is packed with Vitamins to help nourish, preserve elasticity and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
• Vitamins A, C & E help protect skin from natural and environmentally triggered oxidants and elements.

Product Code: 110-2262-03